Why do you modified your car?

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Default Why do you modified your car?

Saw this post today and thought it would be great discussion, so i decided to post it up!

In the Modified World we come across a wide variety of paths to choose how we express our passion through a vehicle. Some of you may have the desire to drive a car you see in the movies and some may just want a vehicle you like to get your hands dirty on. When the transition from a person who owns a stock vehicle to a modified vehicle takes place, you suddenly realize that you are not the only person passionate about your ride. At this time you understand that there are others around you that have inspired and motivated you in this process just as you have done for them. Enthusiasts from all over the globe can now inspire, chat and learn from one another via internet forums, blogs, magazine websites, and video networks. I have been an enthusiast of all types of passions from Low-riders to Import Tuning, Luxury Sedans, and now I found a love for the Euro Scene. Some have asked me how I express my passion through a vehicle and as a business owner I try not to go totally wild but simply have a sporty, stanced out and clean ride.

As the years go on, there is a time when we realize how great this industry really is. In life most of us live our lives by a certain type of culture and the beautiful thing about the aftermarket auto industry is it brings together many different types of cultures into one specific area. At that point we begin to see that even though we come from different areas, we are not so different. It's these days that define the meaning of being a true community. It's these days we all become one. This is our life and I believe many of you out there would agree, like you, this is our love.
Why did you Modify your ride? Share your story.

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DefaultRe: Why do you modified your car?

It all started when i got upgraded leather instead of cloth interior. then from there i got subs to increase stock sound, while i was at it, i added a new headunit, and a new dash, added a car starter also for these harsh winters and an after market car alarm.

i modify for a purpose ;)

until... i added underglow which i took off immedietly, lowered my car, tinted windows, aftermarket rims, intake

this year.. my car is going lower, getting a new bumper which is being painted as we speak, re painting the calipers, custom halo's in stock headlight housing, after 2 years i'm going to upgrade the HID's, get fog lights, get a shark fin antenna, and maybe i might finally go with an exhaust this year ;) if not exhaust then definitely a rear window spoiler ftw =p
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DefaultRe: Why do you modified your car?

i like the feel of my car better when its lowered and and has all kinds of goodies on the suspension, plus i used to love freaking guys out in their m3 on the track when i would rape them anally in the corners then watch them gloat as they passed me on a straight when im still laughing at them
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