How to Replace Idler Pulley

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Default How to Replace Idler Pulley

What is an Idler Pulley?

Things Required:

* Flathead screwdriver
* Philips head screwdriver
* Idler pulley assembly


* The first step for replacing idler pulley will be disconnecting all the power cords from the dryer of the wall receptacle. Then you will have to pull the dryer two feet back from the back wall. This will let the top panel rest in a specific service position and it will not damage the wall as well.

* In the next step for replacing idler pulley, you will have to slide the flat-head screwdriver blade from the front and top panel, which is positioned in front of the dryer. Try locating the retaining clips, which will be three inches away from every corner along with the screwdriver blades. Remember that you have to press the clip when you are trying to lift the top portion of the dryer. Start raising the top panel entirely and let it rest on the backside of the service hinges.

* Now start locating the screws, which connect at the top of the side and front panels for replacing idler pulley. Take the screws out with the help of the Philips head screwdriver. Now, you will have to disconnect the switch wiring harness of the door by pressing on the tabs and pulling out the harness from the door switch. The top portion of the front panel needs to be pulled out, by lifting it up and then releasing the tabs from the bottom of the dryer. Now keep the front panel away, so that it does not come in your way.

* Take your left hand inside the dryer from under the drum, which is besides the motor. Now, push away the idler arm from the left when you are removing the belt from the pulley in the motor with the help of your right hand. After this, you will have to carefully slide the pulley on the right side and take out the belt from the assembly of the idler pulley. Lift the drum and pull the drum from the belt and out of the dryer.

* When replacing the idler pulley you will have to remove the assembly from the bottom of the dryer. This idler pulley will always sit on the‘t’ fork, where the bottom of the dryer will slide in. Replace the idler pulley, by simply pushing the new pulley assembly in place. Pick up the drum and belt and keep them in the dryer once again. Always make sure that the drum fits well on the felt seal on the rear side of the dryer.

* Once you are done with replacing the idler pulley, then push in the new assembly in the routing belt around the new idler pulley. Let the idler pulley move behind on the right side, which will apply tension on the belt. Start rotating the drum a couple of times, just to make sure that the belt is well aligned and can move freely.

* The last step for replacing idler pulley involves setting the front panel in place and now you can reattach the front panel on the sides with a few securing screws. Fix the wiring harness on the door switch and then you can lower the dryer top and snap it on the front top panel from the spring retainers. You can slide the dryer back in place against the wall and fix the cord back on the dryer receptacle.

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