Car not holding boast pressure?

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Default Car not holding boast pressure?

Hello guys.

Im abit stuck with my car, I have a peugeot 207 gti 175 thp 2007 (mini coopers engine) .

Basically ive had the car remapped, which should take the car to over 200bhp, I was disappointed after the map because i couldn't feel any difference in proformance .

I had the car put on a dyno and it only reached 168 bhp, this was a different companies dyno to the one that mapped my car so they looked at my codes and said that the remap was very good and they couldn't do much better themselves, also they was baffled as to why the map wasnt working. Anyways the mapping company had a friend who works at peugeot and said if i took the car round he would plug it in to peugeot planet to check everything was ok, which we did and no fault codes came up.

I had my head under the bonnet when I got home and realised my air flow sensor was disconnected (im no expert but I know this should of brought my engine management light which it didnt) i reconnected it, thinking this would solve it but it didn't make no difference to proformance at all.

Also sometimes when I start the car up you can hear the turbo sucking air in even though im stationary, which makes the car rev up to about 1300 revs once warmed up it drops down to below 1000, is this normal or could this have something to do with my problem?

Im guessing because peugeot plugged my car in and no codes came up at, this leads me to believe the problem is mechanical and not electrical, but where do i start looking first? Only things i can think of is my turbo acuator is not opening fully or my waste gate is stuck open.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, if I can't solve this then I think I may just get rid. Thanks guys

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DefaultRe: Car not holding boast pressure?

perhaps you should post this in our help section :D

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